Quarantine Episode #3: Sonny With A Chance

How ironic that our episode about the first Disney Channel show filmed in HD, is our lowest quality episode? You guys, this is our first attempt at a Zoom podcast since we can't be together right now. Sonny With A Chance is coming out on Disney Plus TOMORROW, so we HAD to talk about this amazing show!

Quarantine Episode #2: Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Today's binge suggestion is Sabrina The Teenage Witch. This show is on Hulu and still holds up as an incredible show. Melissa Joan Hart and the entire cast is amazing. 

Quarantine Episode #1: That's So Raven

Stuck at home and trying to decide what to binge? We've got you covered! We're starting a little quarantine series, where we discuss a 90's-2000's show you can binge online. First up, That's So Raven. Check it out now!

Episode #76: Pixar

With Onward being released today, we had to talk about all the Pixar films we grew up with. From Toy Story, to Cars, to Finding Nemo, these movies are classics. Check it out now!

Episode #75: Lizzie McGuire Update Our Thoughts & Feelings

In case you missed it. Hilary Duff posted on her instagram story yesterday giving everyone an idea as to why the Lizzie McGuire reboot is on hold. We had to discuss our thoughts about this in this week's episode. Check it out now!

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